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First Impressions

Prospective Buyers react to their first impressions! Having your home presentable and staged correctly can enhance your chance to attract a quality buyer. Be sure to contact Laurie about staging your home properly.

Preparing Your Home to Sell


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One of the most important and over looked factors in the home selling process is “Home Staging”, after all, you only get one chance to make a good “First Impression”! So don’t leave it to chance. In today’s tough market make sure your home looks in mint condition so it stands out among the competition.

 First rule of thumb to accomplish this goal is to de-clutter. Once you put your home on the market to sell it is no longer your home, unfortunately. It needs to show like a model home. Pack away all the photos and knick-knacks that you have accumulated over the years, after all you are moving; get a jumpstart on the packing process. You want your house to look as spacious and roomy as possible, so remember the motto….less is more.

Next comes cleaning, nothing turns a buyer off more than a dirty house. Clean all the nooks and cranny’s you’ve never cleaned before…it will be noticed. Windows are particularly important, they should be sparkling clean both inside and out. It is amazing how your house can be neat and orderly with everything in it’s place and yet the least bit of dirt will be noticed by the potential buyer. Interesting how the negative never goes unnoticed.

Catch customers at the curb. Don’t think that you will wow them with the interior if you can’t get them through the front door. Work on the “outdoor appeal” not just curb appeal, that includes the entire yard front and back. Buyers want to see all the possibilities of making this house their home.

Lastly, if you don’t have the knack for interior design, hire a home stager. Positioning or removing furniture to maximize the space in a room is essential. Adding just the right amount of accessories with the right color scheme will go a long way. It is money well spent to sell your home sooner than later as statistics show that professionally staged homes have an edge over non staged homes when it comes to days on market and price. Reason-Buyers see more value in a clean well staged home!

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